Columbia, MD

About Us: 


October - March  Store Hours

Monday - Wednesday:  Closed

Thursday - Sunday:  3pm - 8:30pm


Whether you are hot or cold we have the perfect products for you!

We have tons of delectable products made with our freshly made custard or low-fat yogurt! From our hand made Apple Dumplings to our Shakes.

You want to know why you should really be stopping in to check us out?

To get a turtle or an affagato or both! You won't find anything like these two products anywhere else! 

Turtle: double layers of our delicious vanilla custard, caramel, pecans, and hot fudge.

Affagato: three scoops of our creamy vanilla custard topped with a triple-shot of our espresso.

Guaranteed to blow you away! 

Make a statement at your next get together and order one of our delicious custard pies!! We make them right here in our store for you to enjoy!

We also have gift certificates! Just Ask!!


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